Our History

The Timeline of Studio Brunel

Studio Brunel, while still new to Brunel University London, has plenty of history.


Take a look below to see the timeline of Studio Brunel from its conception to the present day!

Setting Up the Company

March 2018
Founders James J. Larbow, Laura Harris, and Cliona Malin begin to discuss ideas for more professionally focused theatre/acting opportunities at Brunel University London.
April 2018
The founders gather interest among their friends and people on their courses.
May 2018
The idea to start a theatre company at Brunel emerges.
July 2018
James and Laura meet with Heather Carr, a Project Manager at Brunel, to discuss funding and administrative set-up.
August 2018
The University grants the company funding under the College of Business, Arts, and Social Sciences.
August 2018
The first Studio Brunel committee is formed. The committee is initially made up of the three founders and six other students, including Elizabeth Yule as company secretary.
18th August 2018
The company name 'Studio Brunel' is conceived.
1st September 2018
Studio Brunel officially launches

2018 - 2019: The Inaugural Year

10th September 2018
The first post is made on social media followed by a promotional video
23rd September 2018
Studio Brunel hosts a Welcome Event to introduce the company and the team to students.
1st October 2018
The company casts their first show, NSFW by Lucy Kirkwood.
2nd & 3rd November
Studio Brunel presents: NSFW. A contemporary play about power and privacy in the media industry.
December 2018
Studio Brunel reaches the end of its first term at Brunel, having produced one production and begun the long process of establishing itself at the university.
January 2019
The company announces its next production: Medea by Euripides, directed by Brunel graduate, Samuel Smithson.
6th February 2019
The Studio Brunel House Band has its first performance at the Arts@Artaud showcase.
22nd & 23rd February
Studio Brunel presents: Medea. A Greek tragedy adapted with live original music and technical elements on stage. 
9th March 2019
The company announces its next production: The Ghost We Live With by Chloe Perrin, a Creative Writing student at Brunel.
21st & 22nd March
Studio Brunel presents: The Ghost We Live With. An original piece of writing by Creative Writing student, Chloe Perrin, about family and keeping secrets. 
May 2019
Members of the original committee step down at the end of Term Two. James J. Larbow, Laura Harris and Elizabeth Yule begin work revising committee roles for recruitment.
24th May 2019
Studio Brunel hosts their Summer 2019 Seasonal Event to celebrate and recognise the achievements and hard work of all those involved with the company. 
June - July 2019
James J. Larbow, Laura Harris and Elizabeth Yule revise the company constitution following its inaugural year, making adjustments to improve quality and sustainability.
August 2019
Planning and preparation begins for Studio Brunel's second year.

2019 - 2020: The Second Year

1st September 2019
The Studio Brunel website officially launches!
September 2019
An intensive ten day rehearsal period begins for Studio Brunel's Freshers Week production, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
19th September 2019
Studio Brunel presents: The Importance of Being Earnest. A chaotic and comedic show with a lot of cucumber sandwiches.
28th September 2019
The Studio Brunel House Band plays at Brunel Bands Live, a night of music at Brunel.
October 2019
Studio Brunel auditions and starts rehearsals for their next production, A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.
2nd & 3rd November
Studio Brunel presents: A Midsummer Night's Dream. An imaginative and dark retelling of a classic Shakespeare comedy.
January 2020
The remaining inaugural committee members step down from Studio Brunel and recruitment begins for the new 2020 Creative Team.
24th January 2020
Studio Brunel hosts a Seasonal Event titled "Past - Present - Future" to celebrate the company's achievements, recognise the work of its leaving committee members, and announce the new committee.
February 2020.....
Wait and see!