2019/2020 Programme

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    by Oscar Wilde

    Thursday 19th | 1:00pm

    Thursday 19th | 4:00pm

    Everyone's told a lie before but not quite like this!

    Chaos is emerging as tangled tall tales begin to unravel and an unnerving feeling arises in the complications of not knowing who you are or who anyone else claims to be. A confused and ridiculous ninety minutes of love, deception, hilarity, and a lot of cucumber sandwiches!


    Antonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University London, UB8 3PH

    The show was fully produced in 10 days - an incredible achievement for everyone involved! Congrats to the whole cast and crew on two hilarious performances, sold out for both!

    Director: Haura Larris
    Cast: Adam Bradley, James J. Larbow, Franki Nesha, Hannah Lynch, Lydia Lennon, Max de Young, Nadine Chui, and Chloe Perrin.
    "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."
    Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    by William Shakespeare

    Friday 1st |7:30pm

    Saturday 2nd|7:30pm

    Four lovers, a theatre troupe, the King and Queen of the faeries, controlling parents, and... a donkey? A classic Shakespeare comedy where the course of true love really doesn't run smooth.

    An imaginative and dark retelling saw Studio Brunel bring their most ambitious production yet to the Antonin Artaud Theatre. This incredible cast of young performers, alongside live new music by Wil Pritchard, transported their audience to a world of magic, mystery, and manipulation.


    Antonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University London, UB8 3PH

    A Midsummer Night's Dream was Studio Brunel's biggest production so far - well done to all the cast and crew who made each performance magical!

    Directors: James J. Larbow & Ibtisam Boucheloukh 
    Cast: Sanaya Collins, Sarah Paul, George Giles-Loane, Max de Young, Giulio Tamburrini, Lauren Cook, Eve Gabarre, Darnell Thompson, Praise Zaloumis, Thomas Cope, Rebekah Valera, Chloe Perrin, Rayan Tooke, Zuzia Gradzka, Jessie Chu, and Phoebe Kris.
    "...truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays"
    William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Consent

    by Nina Raine

    Friday 28th |7:30pm

    Saturday 29th|7:30pm

    Love and justice have one thing in common. They are blind. Tim and Edward, two friends, take opposing sides on a legal case. As the details unravel, so do their home lives.

    This production welcomes Studio Brunel’s new committee, along with a directorial debut!


    Antonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University London, UB8 3PH

    Consent was the new committee's first show of the year. This show brought new faces to the stage.

    Congratulations to all the cast and crew for this wonderful show! 

    Director: Lauren Lucy Cook
    Cast: Giulio Tamburrini, Franki Nesha, William Witt, Holly Harris, Guy Manion, Sarah Paul and Lysa Asiedu-Yeboa
    "In court, your narratives are like oil and water. They can never mix."
    Nina Raine, Consent
  • The Mystae

    by Nick Whitby

    Thursday 12th |7:30pm

    Friday 13th|7:30pm

    Leaving for university from their small town in Cornwall, Ina, Holman and Tre arrange one finale night together. Inspired by Ina's Greek heritage, they gather in a sea cave late at night to perform an ancient ritual that they hope will cement their friendship forever. The waves rise and cut them off as the ritual unfolds, hidden betrayals emerge and they begin to fear that the cave may hold other unimaginably dark secrets…


    Antonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University London, UB8 3PH

    The second show of the year for the new committee The Mystae. This show introduced a new face to the stage with two actors returning for their second show.

    Congratulations to all the cast and crew for this wonderful show!

    Director: Ibtisam Boucheloukh
    Cast: Eve Gabarre George Giles-Loane and Wes Duffy
    "An exhilarating coming-of-age story that explores the intensity of adolescent relationships."
    Nick Whitby, The Mystae

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